Kalevi Sorsa Foundation

// what is a think-tank?
Kalevi Sorsa Foundation is a social democratic think tank, aiming to advance societal welfare and equality.

Their own showcase video aims to clarify the foundation's role in Finnish societal discussion and political decision-making using polished visual storytelling that fits the think tank's own modern branding.

Movement amidst uncertainty.

3D -motion tracked to the footage, animated line elements and headings act as a clear motif throughout the story. The headings introduce questions central to the function of Kalevi Sorsa Foundation, imagined as literally glaring around our environments. The line animations follow structures build by humans, acting as a symbol to the think tank's role within the fabric of our society.

The pondering atmosphere is also heard in the aural choices going into the background track.

You hear both melodic elements and sounds that are neither clearly acoustic nor digital, causing the ambivalence in the soundscape to further a sweeping and timeless feeling.

Additionally, the clear voice-over recording explaining the message with a forward-looking and succint manner gives the viewer some welcome concreteness in a story full of abstractions.

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