Discussions with young Georgians on Russia, Corruption & Government

The Georgian Dream documentary is a collection of discussions conducted ten days after the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24th, 2022, featuring three young Georgians interviewed in a hotel room next to the Georgian parliament, in front of which people are protesting against their government’s inaction in the face of the crisis.

Shota, Giorgi and Nicholoz discuss the Georgian experience in war and corruption tied to Russia, the situation in Ukraine and the possible futures for countries like Georgia and Ukraine.

Listening to the three young men gave us an increased understanding of life overshadowed by post-Soviet history and current Russian influence. Especially insightful was their description of what it’s like to try and move forward as a nation when you are treated as a pawn in a game played by forces magnitudes stronger than you.

We include our own knowledge where it adds context to the messages voiced, but many events in the history of modern Georgia are still clouded in mystery, with little factual evidence available.

You can watch or listen to each of these interviews in full-length on our YouTube channel or on the Hilden & Kaira podcast, found on all major streaming platforms.